12-16 June 2023
Instituto de Fisica Teorica (IFT) UAM/CSIC Madrid
Europe/Madrid timezone

Lattice Gauge Theory Contributions to New Physics Searches

The purpose of this workshop is to discuss the status and prospects of the interplay of lattice gauge theory computations with ongoing investigations of precision physics in the Standard Model and of candidate theories for physics Beyond the Standard Model (BSM).

The program will span over 5 days, and will cover the following topics:

Rather than a dense talk schedule, the format of the workshop wishes to promote discussions on open problems and future directions. The morning sessions will be devoted to a few talks reviewing the status of the topic to be addressed, while in the afternoon there will be discussion sessions and round-tables lead by the conveners.

Discussion Leaders

Muon g-2

  • Vera Gülpers (Edinburgh U.)

  • Hartmut Wittig (Mainz U.)

Flavor Physics

  • Bipasha Chakraborty (Southampton U.)

  • Antonin Portelli (Edinburgh U.)

Axions & EDMs

  • Laura Covi (Gottingen U.)

  • Rajan Gupta (Los Alamos National Lab)

BSM & New Developments

  • Pilar Hernández (Valencia U. & IFIC Valencia)
  • Biagio Lucini (Swansea U.)

  • Alberto Ramos (IFIC Valencia)


  • Tanmoy Bhattacharya (Los Alamos National Lab)

  • Diogo Boito (São Paulo U.)

  • Mattia Bruno (Milano Bicocca U. & INFN Milano)

  • Luigi Del Debbio (Edinburgh U.)

  • Alessandro De Santis (Rome Tor Vergata U.)

  • Matteo Di Carlo (Edinburgh U.)

  • Elvira Gámiz (Granada U.)

  • Belén Gavela (Universidad Autónoma Madrid - IFT UAM/CSIC Madrid)

  • Judd Harrison (Glasgow U.)

  • Anna Hasenfratz (Colorado Boulder U.)

  • Simon Kuberski (Mainz U.)

  • Guido Martinelli (Sapienza U., Roma)

  • Craig McNeile (Plymouth U.)

  • Marieke Postma (Nikhef Amsterdam & Radboud U. Nijmegen)

  • Peter Stoffer (Zurich U.)

  • Kalman Szabo (Forschungszentrum Jülich)


No fee is required upon registration.


Zoom link for remote participation:


This workshop is supported by:

Instituto de Fisica Teorica (IFT) UAM/CSIC Madrid
Blue Room C/ Nicolás Cabrera 13-15 Campus de Cantoblanco UAM 28049 Madrid, España
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