PhD Course on Black Holes & Quantum information

Sala Gris 1 (IFT)

Sala Gris 1 (IFT)

Calle Nicolás Cabrera 13
Javier Martin-Garcia (IGFAE)

Since Einstein's suggestion in 1916 about the necessity of quantum
theory of gravity, this has been arguably among the most convoluted
open problems in fundamental physics. Although the topic can be faced
from different angles, this course will emphasize black hole physics
as an interesting infrared window into the mysterious ultraviolet
properties of general relativity. We will review basic aspects of
these objects and their thermodynamics and treat to formulate the
information problem in modern terms by making use of quantum
information theory tools. Time permitting, we will comment about the
problem in the context of AdS/CFT and some of its proposed

  • Alberto Casas
  • Alexander Bernal González
  • Arturo de Giorgi
  • David Prieto Rodríguez
  • Francisco Arco Garcia
  • Ignacio Ruiz Garcia
  • Javier Martin-Garcia
  • Jesús Huertas
  • Jorge Luis Dasilva Golan
  • Jose Barbon
  • José Francisco Nuño Siles
  • Juan Pablo Candas Priede
  • Pau Garcia Romeu
  • Santiago Jaraba
  • Sergio Morales Tejera
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