22-24 May 2023
Europe/Madrid timezone

Volume complexity of dS bubbles

23 May 2023, 15:00


Roberto Auzzi


Holographic volume complexity growth in dS stretched horizon holography has a hyperfast behaviour, which leads to a divergence in a finite time. This is very different from AdS, where the complexity rate approaches a constant value. I'll discuss holographic volume complexity in a class of asymptotically AdS geometries with dS bubbles in their interior. With the exception of the static bubble case, the complexity obtained from the volume of the smooth extremal surfaces which are anchored just to the AdS boundary has a similar behaviour to the AdS case, because it asymptotically grows linearly with time. The static bubble configuration has a zero complexity rate and corresponds to a discontinuous behaviour, which resembles a first order phase transition. If instead we consider extremal surfaces which are anchored at both the AdS boundary and the de Sitter stretched horizon, we find that complexity growth is hyperfast, as in the dS case.

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