Gluon transverse momentum distributions and saturation

15 Nov 2022, 12:30
WG4: Small-x and Diffraction WG4: Small-x and Diffraction


Pieter Taels (Universiteit Antwerpen)


In this talk, we review some recent advances in understanding the interplay between transverse momentum dependent gluon distributions on the one hand, and the saturation phenomenon at low $x$ on the other hand. Using the example of forward heavy-quark pair hadro- or leptoproduction, we argue that saturation corrections are needed to properly take the gauge-dependence and polarisation properties of the gluon distribution into account. Moreover, we give an outline of how nonlinear JIMWLK evolution can be combined in a consistent way with the resummation of Sudakov logarithms.

Primary author

Pieter Taels (Universiteit Antwerpen)

Presentation Materials

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