Surfacing Odd Harmonics in Two Particle Correlations within the Color Glass Condensate Approach

14 Nov 2022, 17:30
WG3: High Multiplicities (small systems) WG3: High Multiplicities (small systems)


Víctor Vila (IGFAE / IFJ PAN)


In this work, we compute the double-inclusive gluon production cross-section within the framework of the dense-dilute Color Glass Condensate (CGC) approach. As a novelty, we provide the contribution accounting for the quantum correction in which the two gluons come from a single projectile source, thus giving renewed insights about a breaking of the accidental symmetry of the CGC, which straightforwardly reveals the presence of odd harmonics at leading order in the eikonal expansion.

Primary author

Víctor Vila (IGFAE / IFJ PAN)


Cyrille Marquet Anderson Kendi

Presentation Materials

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