Studying saturation effects in dijet production at forward LHC calorimeters

18 Nov 2022, 11:10
WG4: Small-x and Diffraction WG4: Small-x and Diffraction


Piotr Kotko (AGH UST)


We study dijet production within the small-x improved TMD factorization, which is a formalism based on the Color Class Condensate suitable to study relatively hard jet production processes and to take into account gluon saturation. The formalism also allows to perform the Sudakov resummation as well as implements the power corrections that are necessary to access the dijet decorrelation region. We study both the full b-space Sudakov resummation as well as the simplified momentum space approach, which is more suitable for Monte Carlo simulations. We compute observables for the updated ATLAS kinematics as well as for the future FoCal kinematics and discuss modifications due to final state shower and hadronization.

Primary author

Piotr Kotko (AGH UST)


Krzysztof Kutak (IFJ PAN) Sebastian Sapeta Pierre van Mechelen Andreas van Hameren Muhammad Al-Mashad Hiren Kakkad

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