LHCb measurements of Quarkonia Production in Ultraperipheral PbPb collisions

17 Nov 2022, 17:20


Hengne Li (South China Normal University)


Measurements of quarkonia production in ultra-peripheral heavy-ion collisions are of important value to studying photon-photon and photon-nucleus interactions, the partonic structure of nuclei, and mechanisms of the vector-meson output. LHCb is a single-arm forward detector with a pseudorapidity coverage from 2 to 5. We will present a new measurement of the coherent $J/\psi$ and $\psi(2S)$ production in ultra-peripheral collisions using PbPb data collected by the LHCb detector. This gives the highest precision currently accessible in the forward rapidity. Comparisons to theoretical calculations and other experimental results will also be discussed.

Presentation Materials

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