Helix string fragmentation and charged particle correlations with ATLAS

17 Nov 2022, 15:40
WG3: High Multiplicities (small systems) W3 + W5 Common Session


Sarka Todorova


Correlations between charged particles provide important insight about the hadronization process. The analysis of the momentum difference between charged hadrons in pp, p-lead, and lead-lead collisions of various energies is performed in order to study the dynamics of hadron formation. The spectra of correlated hadron chains are explored and compared to the predictions based on the quantized fragmentation of a three dimensional QCD helix string. This provides an alternative view of the two-particle correlation phenomenon typically attributed to the Bose-Einstein correlation. It provides insight into the mismodelling of low transverse momentum production of charged particles observed in ee, pp and heavy ion collisions.

Primary author

Sarka Todorova

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