The role of multi-parton interactions in doubly-heavy hadron production

17 Nov 2022, 10:00
WG2: Double Parton Scattering WG2: Double Parton Scattering


Tom Hadavizadeh (Monash University)


Beauty and charm quarks are ideal probes of pertubative Quantum Chromodymanics in proton-proton collisions, owing to their large masses. In this talk the role of multi-parton interactions in the production of doubly-heavy hadrons is discussed. New methods of speeding up simulations with Pythia, a Monte Carlo event generator, when generating events containing heavy quarks have been developed, enabling the production of large samples with multiple heavy-quark pairs. Significantly higher production rates of doubly-heavy hadrons are predicted in models that allow heavy quarks originating from different parton-parton interactions (within the same hadron-hadron collision) to combine to form such hadrons. A set of experimental measurements capable of differentiating these additional contributions are suggested. Quantitative predictions are sensitive to the modelling of colour reconnections.

Primary author

Tom Hadavizadeh (Monash University)


Ulrik Egede (Monash University) Peter Skands (Monash University) Minni Singla (Monash University) Eliot Walton (Monash University) Mika Vesterinen (University of Warwick)

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