Elastic and exclusive forward proton measurements with ATLAS

18 Nov 2022, 10:00
WG4: Small-x and Diffraction WG4: Small-x and Diffraction


Peter Bussey


The elastic scattering of protons at 13 TeV is measured in the range of protons??? transverse momenta allowing the access to the Coulomb-Nuclear-Interference region. The data were collected thanks to dedicated special LHC beta* = 2.5km optics. The total cross section as well as rho-parameter, the ratio of the real to imaginary part of the forward elastic scattering amplitude, are measured and compared to various models and to results from other experiments. The measurement of exclusive production of pion pairs at the LHC using 7 TeV data is also presented. This represents the first use of proton tagging to measure an exclusive hadronic final state at the LHC.

Primary author

Peter Bussey

Presentation Materials

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