14-16 September 2022
Instituto de Física Teórica UAM-CSIC
Europe/Madrid timezone

High-energy particles from astrophysical transients

14 Sep 2022, 11:30
IFT, Sala Roja (red room)

IFT, Sala Roja (red room)


Claire Guepin (University of Maryland, NASA GSFC, University of Chicago)


Decisive advances in the understanding of explosive transients have been made possible by the development of multi-messenger astronomy and time-domain astronomy. However, the origin of high-energy (HE) to ultra-high-energy (UHE) cosmic rays and neutrinos remain unclear. Deciding between the various source candidates requires a precise modeling of the propagation, acceleration and interactions of cosmic rays, and the subsequent multi-messenger and time-dependent emissions. We will describe the production of HE to UHE particles in the vicinity of transient sources, and highlight some key aspects related to the treatment of multi-messenger predictions, time-dependencies and uncertainties.

Primary author

Claire Guepin (University of Maryland, NASA GSFC, University of Chicago)

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